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Updates the applications installed on the PC
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Scans the programs installed on your computer, checks websites for newer versions of them, and displays the available downloads directly in its interface.

Denzi App Store is a neat little tool that allows you to update the applications installed on your computer.
Though this small application is meant to find the latest available versions of all installed software on your computer, on my testing it displays only 3 available updates, but I’m perfectly sure there were a lot more. It told me that only Skype, Steam, and Avast were suitable for being updated, but I also had in my system outdated installations of Notepad++ or CCleaner as well, and Denzi App Store haven’t offered me to update those apps too.

Anyway, updating the detected apps was indeed a very easy job when using Denzi App Store. This small updater is capable of downloading the latest versions of the listed apps using its own interface, and not just providing you the download link and making you use a web browser, as other similar tools do. Unfortunately, failing to properly detect the outdated apps from my system is a much too important issue and since reliability problems are very hard to ignore, I’d rather refrain myself from recommending this tool in its current form. The good part is that it’s free, so you may give it a try in your system without any worries. Maybe on your computer it will be more accurate.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Small and lightweight


  • Reliability issues - it didn't detect all the outdated apps on my system
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